Hey, I’m Jessie McClurg. I’m a trail and ultrarunner and race director living in Seattle, Washington, and I’m the creator and main contributor for The Chafe blog and podcast.

One day, after a rather public discussion about harassment that women experience in the trail running world, I saw an (unrelated) email sent out by a major publication that suggested some half dozen podcasts to listen to. Every single one of them was a man speaking. I thought of all the other voices in our sport, from podcasts, to video creators, to race directors and elites being sponsored and highlighted by brands. And I realized: hell, we need to hear more women’s voices in this sport. For so many reasons.

So let’s start chatting about anything and everything trail running!

Check out the latest blog posts and always feel free to reach out via email, social media, or by commenting on a post. Thanks so much for joining, and I’m so excited to give back to this amazing community that I love so much!

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